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Septic FAQ

At Star Septic Service, we get the job done right and never settle for less than your total satisfaction. Based in Middlesboro, KY, we provide residential and commercial septic services throughout Bell County, southeast Kentucky, and the neighboring areas of Tennessee and Virginia.

From septic tank pumping and maintenance to our excavating and backhoe services, we’re here to answer all of your questions when it comes to your septic system. If you don’t see a provided answer to a specific question, call us today!

Common Septic Questions

How often should you have your septic tank pumped?

Most household septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years; however, systems that are heavily used can require more frequent pumping. Pumping your tank removes buildup and creates a safer, more effective system. By having your tank pumped, you can prevent health hazards and costly problems from occurring.

Why is there standing water in my yard?

Heavy rainfall can cause water to pool in a yard, and it’s more likely to occur on sloping terrain or with poor soil conditions. A flooding septic drainfield can also be the cause. Your drainfield may be failing if it is causing soggy grass, sewage backup, or foul odors. If you’re experiencing septic system failure, we can identify the source of the problem with our backhoe and excavating services.

Why are my pipes draining slowly?

Your pipes may be draining slowly due to blockages and problems with the main sewer line or the adjacent pipes. You may have clogs caused by hair, grease, oil, food particles, and foreign objects. If it’s an issue with your septic system, tank, or sewer line, we can help; however, if the problem is outside our area of expertise, we’ll outsource assistance and make sure the problem is addressed properly.

How can I maintain my septic system & prevent problems?

Routine inspections, maintenance, and pumping on your septic system can help you prevent problems and repairs. You can also maintain and protect your system by improving your landscape and property’s gutter and drains. You should make sure your septic tank lid is always closed. Reducing the amount of water you use and avoiding flushing foreign objects down the toilets or sinks can also help.
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