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Commercial Septic Services

Don’t let septic problems interfere with your daily operations. If you own a business in Middlesboro, KY, or Bell County, Star Septic Service is here to help.

For 20 years, we’ve provided commercial drain cleaning and septic services for businesses throughout southeast Kentucky and parts of Virginia and Tennessee. We also provide residential septic services to homeowners throughout the area.

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Drain Cleaning in Bell County, KY

Commercial Services

Whether you’re a restaurant, a hotel, or a commercial property owner, we can take care of all your septic needs, answer your questions, and help you protect your investment. Our roto rooting trucks and 200-ft hose can handle the toughest jobs.

Commercial Septic Tank Pumping

No matter the size or make of your septic tank, we can provide businesses and commercial properties with quality septic tank pumping. If it’s time for a routine cleaning and pumping, or if you’re experiencing problems, we’re here to provide prompt and cost-effective solutions. Our goal is to make sure your waste is disposed of properly and safely.

Commercial Septic Tank Maintenance

When it comes to your commercial septic tank, don’t forget to have routine maintenance done every year. A properly maintained septic tank and system can prevent future problems, hassles, and costly repairs. Our team will identify potential problems, complete necessary repairs, and come up with affordable, results-driven solutions.

Backhoe & Excavation Services

Is your place of business experiencing septic system failure or sewage backup? If the issue requires excavating and backhoe services, we can help. Our backhoe and excavation services can help determine whether your system needs maintenance, repairs, or replacing.

Riser Placement

If you’re looking to protect your septic system, riser installation may be the solution. Risers can guard your system against bad weather and make maintenance work easier and more effective. Our team is happy to inspect your current system and help you decide if riser placement is right for your business.

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Very quick response! I live in Tazewell, TN, and he was able to fit me in. It was a harder than normal job and his hard work was very much appreciated! Thanks!
Matt B.

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